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Join A Peer Group and Grow Your Business.
The Leader's Edge peer group is for the achievement-minded landscape business owner who wants to transform and profitably grow their business. Our peer group members enjoyed a 27% profit growth in their first year. Contact us to find out if a peer group is right for you.

Key Benefits of Belonging
  1. PROFITS AND CASH FLOW gains through a systematic focus to your financials.
  2. NEW IDEAS that you can use to better run your business.
  3. INSIGHTS in how others run their business and how they make decisions.
  4. GROWTH by sharing marketing and management best practices.
  5. EFFICIENCY gains by benchmarking your operations and methods with others.
  6. ACCOUNTABILITY from your peers, though ongoing focus and feedback.
  7. CAMARADERIE by sharing a process of helping each other out.
  8. ACCESS to a team of peers to vet your issues and ideas.
The Leader's Edge is for the busy owner who is looking for effective methods to improve their business.

What Members are Saying.
David Wright
David Wright: "I have always been involved with green industry organizations, but (Jeffrey Scott's) peer group experience has transformed my company and my management style like no other group has. Where I used to brood over difficult decisions, I now have a group of colleagues who know my company and me well enough to help me make those decisions and hold me accountable to the results. My company has increased profits dramatically since I started with the group, due to tough decisions resulting in a more productive corporate structure."
David A. Wright CLP OALA ISA, President
Wright Landscape Services
Bloomingdale, ON

How do you know if “The Leader’s Edge” is right for you?
If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions.
  • Would you like to find new ways to grow your business and increase profits?
  • Do you ever feel isolated in the day-to-day development of your business?
  • Would you like to avoid common mistakes and stop reinventing the wheel?
  • Do you wish there were a quicker way?
  • Are you looking for better ways to reduce your headaches & stress?

The Leader's Edge - 7 Point Peer Group Improvement Process
  • Two bi-annual retreats, 2.5 days long. We engage in seven key activities during these retreats.
    • Review financials and key indicators
    • Deep dive facility tour
    • Solve company issues (using Jeffrey Scott's "Peel the onion")
    • Employ group exercises
    • Learn from outside speaker
    • Create accountable actions, metrics
    • Enjoy group diversions
  • Every other month group meetings
  • Accountability partner program, provides ongoing support
  • Group communication - through web based platforms.
  • Quarterly phone consultation with industry consultant
  • Resource Center with tools, webinars, white papers
  • Benchmarking and operational surveys, including the Cost of Doing Business study

What makes “The Leader’s Edge” so valuable?
You receive unparalleled support and opportunity, because our members are committed to helping and holding each other accountable.

We follow a proprietary format that allows you to make quick improvements and accelerate your company's growth. Email me for more information.

Plus, I have been in your shoes running a large landscape business, and I have 10 years experience running and participating in successful peer groups. It is a productive combination. Call me to learn more at (203) 220-8931.
Jeffrey Scott, founder, The Leader’s Edge.
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Download a free article on peer groups,
titled “Accelerate your business growth”

What Other Members are Saying.
Matt Kulp
"It is a fresh set of eyes my company has needed to stay focused, on target, and profitable!"

– Matt Kulp, Owner, Showcase Group, PA

Noel Ortiz
"It will help you tremendously in your struggle to becoming a much more successful business owner."

– Noel Ortiz, CEO, Great Outdoor Landscaping, NY

Nathan Helder
"The beauty of The Leader's Edge is that we exchange best practices, learn from each other and increase the profitability of our businesses."

– Nathan Helder, President, Jan Gelderman Landscaping, ON

Download a free article on peer groups,
titled "Accelerate your business growth"

For more information on The Leader’s Edge program,
call 203.220.8931, or email